Thursday, 18 August 2011

Starting Somewhere

Starting somewhere,

I am a gamer and collected who currently has a lot of free time, (damn unemployment), and I have decided to try and get up to date on my growing mound of plastic and metal minatures. While im at it I thought a blog would allow me to showcase my work, allow for other people to pass comment/advice (that's you ) and allow me to advise anyone who has questions about my work. 

A secondary part of this blog will be a chance for people to make suggestions to which pieces they would like me to work on next, as sort of a motivation to get them finished. Essential to getting vast amounts of miniatures painted. 

So without further ado, the following miniatures are standing on my workstation in various forms of completion and all up for me to work on in the coming months. 

Sons of Medusa (Space Marines)
Conversion Beamer MoF
Tactical Squads
Land Speeder 
Scout Squad

Imperial Guard
Infantry Company
Mechanised Company
Tank Company
Artillery Battery
Auxiliary Armoured Units
Commissariat Members

Warriors of Chaos 
Khorne Lord
Gamesday Lord
FW Siege Giant
Spawn Chaos Hounds 

Imperial Fists (Space Marines)
Command Squad
Tactical Squads
Bike Squads
Assault Squad

One I start working on more specific projects the model list will expand. As for now, I would like to show you a model from my Imperial Guard force, and the first one I have finished in a long time. He is the regimental standard bearer of my Valhallan Mechanised Infantry Company.